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Internet Of Things (IoT)

This is a pretty old post that I made when IoT was Buzz Word back in January 2015! Internet of things, this is something which is coming up a lot recently. Its pretty cool too. Ubuntu came up with a system which was ready for IoT Microsoft too with its latest Windows, Windows 10 said it was ready for the IoT. Apple on the  other hand had its kind of a IoT from a quite some time. So what is this Internet Of Things ??? Internet in earlier days comprised only of computer systems, fax machines to some extent. As time proceeded things such as PDAs,mobiles,SAT Phones and the rest started getting added to this already size-ably massive network of computers and servers. Slowly and steady more and more devices such as gaming consoles, TVs, music players and a plethora of things started getting added to this massive network. As new protocols were developed the number of devices the performance of the devices and the reliability of this massive network increased. Currently there are bil