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Program of the Week 01 - Common Day Finder

I know the title of this post ain't that great and TBH I couldn't come up with something better. So what is this program about. A few days back a friend of mine celebrated his birthday. I was wondering how do I find all the years when, his birthday and mine fall on the same day of the week. It was not a great question, but it piqued me and I wrote a rudimentary program for it on my phone. While this is not the same code I wrote it is kinda similar. I will be writing it in Python as that is the language I'm most comfortable in right now. I'll be using the trusty 'datetime' utility in python for this task. Below is the basic version of the program: from datetime import datetime # Initialize the dates date1 = "15/02" date2 = "23/05" # Initialize the start and end years start_year = 2019 end_year = 2100 # Initialize a list for all results results = [] # Now loop in the year range and find the days for year in range(start_year, end_

Starting Program of the Week

When I made this site / blog? I did mention that I would be filling it up with stuff and the work I do. But having spent a month on trying to figure out the content for it I ended up with pretty much nothing. Either the content I made was not fit to be shared on this site or it was too long and boring or I simply didn't know how to post it or I was getting lazy. Mostly the last part. I spent the better part of my last two months trying to find the "right" content. I designed my own profile page from scratch and got it configured on gh-pages (which was a pain but fun), I made a bad ass convolutional neural network that does mnist handwritten digit classification (okay I know it is an overused problem and there are a lot of guides for it, and that's probably why you don't see it here), designed a totally not an unsplash clone which consumed their api, did a bit with angular and others. Point being I tried but nothing worked. Now you'll say that in the title