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My Experiments with Pi (Part 2 of N)

NOTE: This is the continuation of my first post about my experiences with Raspberry Pi 4. You can check out the first part here . Previously on .... In my last post I talked about how cool the RPi 4 looked and my motivation in buying it. Later I talked about Raspbian, Docker Containers and finally the need to move to a "64-bit" OS for "more POWER!!". In this piece I'll continue from there describing my experiences with other OSes. Also a friendly reminder that I was trying to do all of this on a headless setup, i.e. without any display. Since I don't have any working HDMI capable monitor and due to this ongoing pandemic, I simply can't go out and get one.  Thinking of Ubuntu Gentoo for Raspberry Pi 4B Raspberry Pi 4 has numerous (read more than one) 64 bit OS options available. Some notable ones being Arch based Manjaro , Gentoo 64 , Debian based Ubuntu, Debian based Kali Linux and many others. These are maintained by really talented p

My Experiments with Pi (Part 1 of N)

NOTE: This is not a review of the raspberry pi 4. This is simply a blog about my experiments with the raspberry pi 4. The It Looks So Cool Phase Pi 4 I was able to get my hands on a raspberry pi 4 4GB in August 2019. To be very honest I had no intention of getting the raspberry pi 4. I was actually looking for a good password manager, when I discovered Bitwarden . It's not like I didn't already know about it, in fact I had actually tried to host it on the free tier of Google App Engine, and didn't like the performance that much then. Besides I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it to work as intended. After going through the tasks of setting up the instance, the network, the forwarding and scripts, it worked, but there was a constant fear that it could crash any time, or maybe blow the free limits and shutdown for good. It was cool and it worked but I have always found some joy in running stuff on premise on real hardware that you can see rather than some ser