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Program of the Week 04 - Color

This has been a long overdue post. Thanks to my move and a lot of other things, despite trying my level best into putting out a post, I was not able to do so. This post would've possibly come in next week, but since you are reading this, it is coming out today. I just wanted to get one out so that I don't break my flow or more like I go back into the vicious cycle of okay maybe next week. With that said, this week again I'll be doing something with opencv. Not because I have planned it or anything, I simply had a small program ready. When I first got into opencv, after going through the basic open image, open video phase, I wanted to do some very basic color based object detection. It did start with basic detection of red color objects, green color objects and so forth. Slowly I started modifying it to allow me to select which color I wanted to detect the intensity levels and such. It had a whole bunch of controls on it. That time, I used to do it in C++ and EmguCV whic