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First of, all really sorry for the absence. I promised that I would be writing a new blog post every week, but somehow haven't done that since the last two weeks or so I guess. The reasons I attribute for this delay are, partially because I was preparing for my AWS Architect Associate exam for like last month or so, partially because I got a bit lazy and partially because I didn't do something fun or crazy or worth sharing on this blog. I do have an article coming up on stress, social media, fake news and herd mentality coming up so do stay tuned for that. Major blocker for that being that I am confused whether to post that on this blog, or maybe on my personal blog or somewhere else. If you have any ideas for that do post them in the comments. But anyways lets jump back to the main topic. I got certified. This is a small post for memories and whatnot's. Felt like sharing and here I am. So I got recently certified as  AWS certified solutions architect associate. I know it i